Storage Tips

Planning Simplifies the Process


Prior to storing, make a list of packing materials needed such as boxes, bubble pack, packing paper, tape, marking pens, rope, drop cloths; also include furniture or mattress cartons or covers.

Leave a path to the rear of your unit. Place frequently used items and seasonal clothing near the door and more valuable items in the rear.

Appliances must be thoroughly cleaned and dry. Keep refrigerator and freezer doors slightly wedged open and taped. Remove and discard vacuum cleaner bags.

Store mattresses and box springs on long edges, wrap for protection, and elevate off floor using 2X4s, plywood or pallets.

Pictures and mirrors should be wrapped in cardboard, crated, or placed in appropriate cartons, properly padded, and marked "fragile".

Cables from computers, stereos, etc. should be color coded or tagged, both on the cable and the corresponding cable inserts for ease of reassembly.

Cartons should not exceed 30 lbs. Books should be packed in small cartons, cushioning and filling cartons with crushed or wadded packing paper. Do not use newspaper for filling or cushioning for items that may be damaged by ink.

Wax wood furniture before storing. Use sheets or cotton cloth, not plastic, to cover furniture. Sealed plastic bags could cause damage or mildew, even in our climate controlled units.

Stack lighter cartons on top of heavier cartons to avoid shifting or collapse that could cause personal injury. The same goes for other upright heavy items.

Label boxes by consecutive numbers and seal with tape rather than nest top flaps. Do not mark contents on the outside. Prepare master list of box numbers and the contents of each to keep at home. This will be very helpful to you when you remove any of your goods.

Use your bureau drawers for additional packing space. You might fill them with fragile items, properly protected with padding and sealed against opening. Use the space in your large appliances, (washers, dryers, ovens, etc.), for storage of appropriate soft items such as towels. Secure the bowl of your washer so that it will not rotate. Note the appliance and items stored within on your master list.